mercredi 27 mai 2020

10 Required Tips for Success on the Keto and Low Carb Diet

10 Required Tips For Success On The Keto And Low Carb Diet

1-The basis of the ketogenic diet:

  • 70% fat.
  • 25% protein.
  • 5% net carbs

2-An important formula: Carbs - fiber = net carbs.

3-Drink plenty of water, you need it to hydrate your body and avoid constipation.

4-Take vitamin supplements and fiber after a consultation with your dietitian.

5- You do not feel good with the ketogenic diet? You surely need mineral salts. Drink more bone broth!

6-Do you have doubts? You are hungry? eat more fat! You should not be hungry with the Keto diet.

7-Have you ate more than 30 grams of carbs today? stay calm and continue your Keto!

8-It is always a good idea to keep a nutrition journal (My Fitness Pal for example or carb manager), you may be surprised at the amount of food or carbs you eat!

9- You follow the keto diet but you do not lose weight but you lose inches? You are probably gaining muscle!

10- You do not lose in weight or centimeters? Have you made any changes to your plan? go back to basics and keep a nutrition journal!

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